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This web page provides information about myxomycetes. If you have information you would like posted here, please send it to the EMA Webmaster. For each item listed, a hyperlink is provided to its internet site or, where this is not possible, a contact name and address or some other identifying information. Additional explanatory information may then follow. Where the name of the item is not in English, a translation may be provided in italics in square brackets after that information, followed where appropriate by the geographical region to which the item relates, then the principal language of the item and, in alphabetical order, other languages used.

A Virtual Field Guide to Myxomycetes [USA, English]
Echinosteliales (Myxomycetes): an INTKEY Package for Interactive, Illustrated Identification and Information Retrieval [Spain, English]
Global Biodiversity of Eumycetozoans [USA, English]
Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Slime Molds Checklist [USA, English]
Introduction to the "Slime Molds" [USA, English]
Magic of the Myxomycetes [Japan, Japanese, English]
Myxomycetes and Other Slime Molds [USA, English]
Philippine Myxomycetes [USA, English]
Photo Gallery of Myxomycetes [USA, English]
Provisional Essex Red Data List: Slime Moulds [UK, English]
Publications about Myxomycetes [USA, English]
Slemsvampar (Myxomycetes) [Sweden, Swedish]
Slime Moulds, a generalized introduction [UK, English]
Slime Moulds, some photos [New Zealand, English]
Studies of Neotropical Mycomycetes [USA, English]
Testing New Manic Depression Drugs in Slime Moulds: an Alternative to the Current Serendipitous Approach [UK, English]
US-Australia Co-operative Research: Mycetozoans Associated with Litter Microhabitats in Tropical Forests of Northern Queensland [Australia-USA, English]
What are Slime Moulds?, general introduction [New Zealand, English]

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