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This web page provides information about resources for fungal conservation. If you have information you would like posted here, please send it to the EMA Webmaster. For each item listed, a hyperlink is provided to its internet site or, where this is not possible, a contact name and address or some other identifying information. Additional explanatory information may then follow. Where the name of the item is not in English, a translation may be provided in italics in square brackets after that information, followed where appropriate by the principal language of the item and, in alphabetical order, other languages used.

Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Global, North America


Ascomycete Conservation, a prototype specialist group promoting conservation of ascomycetes [English]
IUCN SSC Fungi Specialist Group Website [English]
IUCN Lichen Specialist Group [no website]. Contact: Dr Christoph Scheidegger, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow & Landscape Research, Zürcherstrasse 111, Birmensdorf 8903, Switzerland; tel. 41/1/739-2439; fax 41/1/739-2215; e-mail
IUCN 2003 Red List of Threatened Species, the first two fungi, both lichen-forming, to make it to the IUCN list [English]
Literature on Fungal Conservation [English]
Mildew, Mould & Myxomycete Conservation, a prototype specialist group promoting conservation of chromistans, chytrids, myxomycetes and zygomycetes [English]
Red Lists for Microfungi, part of the IUCN Sampled Red List Index Project [English]
Rust & Smut Conservation, a prototype specialist group promoting conservation of rusts and smuts [English]



Conservation of Endangered Plants and their Fungi in Kenya, report on a Darwin Initiative project [English]



Japan, Ministry of the Environment, Threatened Species, of Japan's estimated 16,000 species of fungi, the number-data deficient for conservation purposes is an amazing zero! [English]
Red List of Threatened Lichens of Japan [English]



Conservation of New Zealand and Australian Fungi, abstract of paper [English]
Conservation Special Interest Group Report, Australasian Mycological Society [English]


A Conservation Overview of Australian Non-marine Lichens, Bryophytes, Algae and Fungi [English]
Fungibank: Using the Services of Australia's Fungi to Restore Landscapes [English]
Lane Cove Bush Fungi See the Light, fungal conservation in New South Wales national park [English]
Urban Bushland, Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales Media Release: Fungi Community Listed [English]

New Zealand

Case Studies of Selected Threatened Fungi of New Zealand [English]
New Zealand's Threatened Fungi Lists [English]
Threatened and Uncommon Fungi of New Zealand [English]



European Council for the Conservation of Fungi [English]
Waxcaps and Woodland Mushrooms: Conservation of Fungi in Britain and Northern Europe [English]

Red List of Endangered Lichens in Austria [Austria, English]

Czech Republic
Red List of Fungi (macromycetes) [Czech, English]


Danish Mycological Society: Red List data, Danish Fungi [English]
Background for the Monitoring of Danish Orchids, the section on "orchids and fungi" recognizing that without their fungal symbionts, these endangered plants cannot survive [English]


Red List of Estonian Lichens [English]
Threatened Species, Fungi [English]
Threatened Species, Lichens [English]


Threatened Plants and Fungi in Finland in 2000 [English]


Lichen Flora of Latvia - Red List Lichen Species [English]


Red List of the Lichens of the Netherlands [Dutch, English]
Rode Lijst van Nederlandse Korstmossen [Red List of the Lichens of the Netherlands, Dutch, English]


Biological Diversity: Threatened Species, a government recognizing that potentially thousands of fungi may be endangered [English]
Threatened Species per 1998, with fungi at the top of this list [English]
Red List of Norwegian Macrolichens [English]
Red List of Threatened Fungi in Norway [English]


Development in Trojmiejski Park Krajobrazowy, Lasy Oliwskie, Poland, an example of international collaboration by local societies to promote fungal conservation [English, Polish]


Red List of Slovak Fungi [English]


Proposed Red List of Fungi [English, Slovenian]


ArtDatabanken, Swedish Species Information Centre [Swedish, English]


Provisorische Rote Liste der Gefärdeten Höheren Pilz der Schweiz [German]
Rote Liste. Liste mit 229 Seltenen, Eventuell vom Aussterben Bedrohten Pilzarten der Schweiz [German]


Assessment of Fungal Biodiversity, notes on assessing fungi of grasslands for conservation [English]
BMS Conservation Group, British Mycological Society [English]
BMS Conservation Policy, British Mycological Society [English]
County of Norfolk, Species Action Plan: Poronia punctata [English]
Fungi: the Neglected Kingdom, reasons and strategies for conserving fungi [English]
Grassland Fungi, information about managing grassland to conserve rare fungi [English]
Orchid Conservation, information about the importance of conserving fungi associated with rare orchids [English]
Provisional Essex Red Data List: Fungi [English]
Provisional Essex Red Data List: Slime Moulds [English]
Recommended English Names for Fungi, simple fact-sheet giving reasons why fungal conservation is important, with downloadable information about English names for fungi [English]
UK Biodiversity Action Plan, Fungi [English]
UK Biodiversity Action Plan, Armillaria ectypa [English]
UK Biodiversity Action Plan, Battarraea phalloides [ English]
UK Biodiversity Action Plan, Boletopsis leucomelaena [English]
UK Biodiversity Action Plan, Boletus regius [English]
UK Biodiversity Action Plan, Boletus satanas [English]
UK Biodiversity Action Plan, Buglossoporus pulvinus [English]
UK Biodiversity Action Plan, Grouped Plan for Tooth Fungi [English]
UK Biodiversity Action Plan, Hericium erinaceum [English]
UK Biodiversity Action Plan, Hygrocybe calyptriformis [English]
UK Biodiversity Action Plan, Hygrocybe spadicea [English]
UK Biodiversity Action Plan, Hypocreopsis rhododendri [English]
UK Biodiversity Action Plan, Microglossum olivaceum [English]
UK Biodiversity Action Plan, Poronia punctata [English]
UK Biodiversity Action Plan, Tulostoma niveum [English]
Waxcap and Woodland Mushrooms, conservation of fungi in Britain & northern Europe [English]
Wimpole Park and Estate, Fungi, a good example that rare fungi can be an attraction [English]


Lists of Potentially Rare, Endangered or Under-recorded Fungi in Ukraine [English]
Data Book of Ukraine Vegetable Kingdom, information about an early red list for Ukraine including fungi [English]



Conservation Through Collaboration, fungal conservation in Alberta [English]
Macrofungi of British Columbia: Requirements for Inventory, a blueprint for fungal conservation in British Columbia [English]


Conservation and Management of Forest Fungi in the Pacific Northwestern States: an integrated ecosystem approach [English]
Forest Mycology Team [English]
Fungi: an Invisible Decline [English]
Management Recommendations: Fungi [English]

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